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Eifelsteig self supported 2020

Have they put these chairs here especially to watch the road construction works? Or is this their regular evening leisure? I imagine two elderly people sitting in their driveway, interfering with the roadworks; giving the workers directions. Or reminiscing as the sun drops behind the [...]

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Eifelsteig Self-Supported: de planning

Markeringen op een boom bij Wasserfall Dreimühlen Nu veel evenementen niet doorgaan vanwege de maatregelen in relatie met Corona is het een mooi moment om te dromen van self-made avonturen. En als ik begin te dromen, dan begin ik al gauw ook te [...]

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Searching my soul @Legends Trail 500; part I

Mensen! Ik onderdruk de impuls om als een wild dier de bossen in te vluchten. Na uren en dagen alleen door de bossen te hebben gelopen voelt de aanwezigheid van mensen bijna als een bedreiging. Ik weet de eerste impuls te onderdrukken en mompel in [...]

Legends Trail 500 by the numbers

It’s ten days since I finished the Legends Trail 500 now. And it’s been a tough 10 days, both mentaly and physically. Now I’m slowly getting into the right headspace to write some stuff down. But my memories about the race are fragmented. Speaking to [...]

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Crusade in lycra: A preview of the Legends Trail 500

This Saturday at 8.00 in the morning I`ll be standing on the imaginative starting line of Legend Trail 500. It's impossible to predict how a footrace of 500 kilometres in the dark and muddy Ardennes will unfold. Though imagining the course of a race is [...]

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Great Escape: pre-race anxiety

Before every race I see and hear people worry about a number of things. And although I do have some ultra running experience I have to admit that I have worries of my own. Now, some people go a long way to find the perfect [...]

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