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Eifelsteig self supported 2020

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Have they put these chairs here especially to watch the road construction works? Or is this their regular evening leisure? I imagine two elderly people sitting in their driveway, interfering with the roadworks; giving the workers directions. Or reminiscing as the sun drops behind the hill. Right now, these cushioned chairs seem the perfect sleeping place to me. I sit down in one of the chairs and put the back down. What would they think if they saw me sitting here? They wouldn’t come out at 4.30 in the morning, surely? I suppose it’ll be alright. I set my watch for 20 [...]

Eifelsteig Self-Supported: de planning

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Markeringen op een boom bij Wasserfall Dreimühlen Nu veel evenementen niet doorgaan vanwege de maatregelen in relatie met Corona is het een mooi moment om te dromen van self-made avonturen. En als ik begin te dromen, dan begin ik al gauw ook te plannen. Soms moet je dan nog even geduld hebben. Omdat je nog moet herstellen van een vorig avontuur bijvoorbeeld of door omstandigheden waar je zelf geen invloed op hebt. Begin mei begon ik aardig hersteld te raken van de Legend Trail. Het was een jaar geleden dat ik de Eifelsteig liep en daardoor begon het alweer te [...]

Searching my soul @Legends Trail 500; part I

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Mensen! Ik onderdruk de impuls om als een wild dier de bossen in te vluchten. Na uren en dagen alleen door de bossen te hebben gelopen voelt de aanwezigheid van mensen bijna als een bedreiging. Ik weet de eerste impuls te onderdrukken en mompel in het voorbijgaan zelfs nog enkele woorden ter begroeting. Een restje socialiteit sluimert blijkbaar nog in mijn onbewuste. De schok is groter als ik even later de parkeerplaats bij Signal de Botrange oploop en wordt geconfronteerd met een grote groep van de menselijke soort en het geweld van voorbij razende auto’s en vrachtwagens. Ik voel een lichte paniek [...]

Crusade in lycra: A preview of the Legends Trail 500

Door |2020-02-19T20:48:55+00:00februari 19th, 2020|Categorieën: Avontuur, Race, Verhaal|Tags: , , , , , , , |

This Saturday at 8.00 in the morning I`ll be standing on the imaginative starting line of Legend Trail 500. It's impossible to predict how a footrace of 500 kilometres in the dark and muddy Ardennes will unfold. Though imagining the course of a race is something I usually do try. This time however I am surprisingly content with going into the great unknown… unknowingly. There are some guiding points along the way though, that may provide a weary runner with a beacon in the great and dark unknown. For some these beacons of light are represented by cafes, restaurants and shops. The [...]

Great Escape: pre-race anxiety

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Before every race I see and hear people worry about a number of things. And although I do have some ultra running experience I have to admit that I have worries of my own. Now, some people go a long way to find the perfect shoe. But they just don’t exist. So why bother. Other people struggle with keeping food down while running an ultra. Not I. The only thing that goes down well and stays down well during a race is the real stuff. So the answer is simple: just stick to the Legends Trails races where you get a decent [...]

Tales from the Eifelsteig (Teun)

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May 27th 2019, Heeswijk-Dinther Prologue I set out on an adventure to run the Eifelsteig from the Weishauss, Trier to Kornelimunster near Aachen in one go. I have had the idea for years and last september I finally made a first attempt. It stranded at 196 kilometres near Blankenheim. I focussed to much on setting an FKT instead of enjoying the Eifelsteig itself. This time was going to be different. Things seemed to go almost perfectly until 296k in. Then I made one silly mistake. Although it didn’t put a successful attempt in danger directly, it triggered a sequence of events that [...]

Tales from the Eifelsteig (Crew and pacers)

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Gerard a.k.a. my dad (crew) Het is donderdag ochtend 4.00 uur, we zijn onderweg van Hecken naar Trier! Teun wil om 5.00 uur starten voor zijn “FKT” 313 km vanTrier naar Aken We zijn mooi op tijd (4.50) op de parking en na wat kletsen en een selfie met Teun en Erik ,Teun vertrekt, wij ruimen op en rijden naar burg ramstein het eerste treffen met Teun hierna volgen nog “20” verzorgingsposten. Erik en ik kunnen het goed samen vinden op een enkele onenigheid na. We kletsen ,verzorgen ons zelf ook goed(slapen eten en drinken)en zorgen er voor dat we steeds ruim [...]

Bello Gallico 2018: A true Christmas story

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All pictures by Maarten Schön aka the trail tourist How far have we gone? Asks the voice in the back of my mind again as I’m walking down a snow-covered street from the small town of Neerijse to Sint-Agatha-Rode. We must be close to the first aid station surely? I am in a footrace of fifty miles, the Bello Gallico. It’s long past midnight, the moment the race started and that was half an hour after I finished the 100 mile race as part of the Bello Gallico event. The 100 miles took me nineteen and a half hours to finish and [...]

Fa, a long, long way to run

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The hills on the opposite side of the Amblève valley are covered under a brown blanket. A pale sun is out, accentuating the multi shades of brown and warming my back.  I am standing in the small hamlet of Quarreux. The hills I’m looking at are the same hills I was coming down from only to days ago, to continue my way along the Amblève towards Nonceveux.  The emotions of the grand adventure I was part of are starting to sink in. It’s a rare mixture of joy, sadness, complacency and peace. Two days earlier I was beginning to feel the effects [...]

The Ghost of Malchamps

Door |2018-02-23T18:56:02+00:00februari 23rd, 2018|Categorieën: Avontuur, Verhaal|Tags: , , , |

A lone runner crosses the moors of Fagne de Malchamps at the dead of a winter’s night. His heart beats to the rhythm of his feet on the wooden platforms. His breath forms small clouds in the beam of his head torch. He enjoys these nights alone in nature. They revive his soul and clear his mind. But not this night. He is not quite at ease. He is thinking about the name of these moors: mal champs or evil fields. He can image why it’s called that way. The place is desolate and he just can’t help but think about the [...]

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