• Fields around Landscheid
  • View on Trittscheid
  • Schalkenmehren and Schalkenmehrener Maar
  • Mosel with Trier in the background
  • Eifelblick Modenhübel

Eifelsteig self supported 2020

november 1st, 2020|1 Reactie

Have they put these chairs here especially to watch the road construction works? Or is this their regular evening leisure? I imagine two elderly people sitting in their driveway, interfering with the roadworks; giving [...]

Legends Trail 500 by the numbers

maart 7th, 2020|6s Reacties

It’s ten days since I finished the Legends Trail 500 now. And it’s been a tough 10 days, both mentaly and physically. Now I’m slowly getting into the right headspace to write some stuff [...]